Monday, December 22, 2008

Damn Those Freeloading Illegal Aliens Calling 911...And All Freeloaders, For That Matter

Being the holiday season, I want to discuss Freeloading Illegal Aliens...

The most frustrating part of my job is not necessarily that I missed the end of "My Name Is Earl," because I had to respond to a B.S. call, by a drive-by, cell-phone-hero; nor is it that I had to get out of bed at 4:30 AM to drive a 70 y/o WF, from an assisted-living home, to the hospital for the Flu, because she didn't want to bother her son (which happened last night). I'm not frustrated because I have to work a little while I'm at work.

The most frustrating part of my job is having to facilitate the blatant abuse of the gubment-funded 911 emergency services, and seeing, on a run by run basis, what a complete waste of (involuntarily paid) taxpayer money the ambulance is.

Ambulance abusing freeloaders come in all shapes and sizes, but a universally-despised, favorite flavor of ambulance abuser is the illegal alien.

It's very common to hear other EMS workers, hospital staff, firefighters, police officers, and bystanders say things like, "Damn illegal aliens...They shouldn't even be here," or "Why should we help them...they don't have insurance...they're not even citizens," or "Why should the rest of us have to pay for these damn illegal aliens?"

For example...

We got a call at around 10 PM to a nearby hospital for an ObGyn problem (I can't describe how much I love malfunctioning vagina problems). Our computer specified the room of the hospital in which we could find our esteemed client. It was the Labor and Delivery department! We wondered, 'what are a couple of ill-equipped, under-trained, ignorant EMT's going to do for a malfunctioning vagina, that an L&D department can't do?' I mean, whenever we encounter a malfunctioning vagina, that's where we take the L&D department of a hospital!

We arrived to find a 22 y/o hispanic female, laying on a bed, in the L&D department, wearing a hospital gown, and fully adorned in electronic medical monitoring equipment. She was 9 months pregnant, and she was well into labor. Her husband told us he wanted us to take her to a different hospital. They were unhappy with the free hospital care they were receiving at this hospital.

The patient had a C-section for her first child, and the hospital wanted to do a C-section again (it's the hospital's policy). The woman did not want another C-section, but the woman didn't bother researching the hospital's policy before they showed up at the hospital to receive their free medical care.

One of the nurses pulled me aside and explained the situation to me. She said, "These people are a pain in my ass. They want to have a vaginal birth, but she's had a C-section before, so we have to do a C-section for this birth." (here comes the most interesting part of what the nurse told me) "The thing is...these people don't even have any insurance, and they're not even U.S. citizens! They're illegal aliens, and they shouldn't even be here in the U.S.! Just please, get them out of here and take them to the free county hospital or something!"
As it turns out, we did not take her to a different hospital. Our policy states that we can't remove patients from a facility, which is capable of handling their emergency. She was already in a facility which was capable of handling her emergency.

But, my point is...(and this is going to surprise some of you Socialists)...

What does citizenship status have to do with freeloading...who cares if a person is an illegal alien? How is one freeloader any better than another freeloader? Why is the general public willing to pay for non-taxpaying freeloaders born here in the United States, but somehow they have a problem with non-taxpaying freeloaders born in other countries? Why isn't the general public equally resistant to pay for ALL freeloaders? What the hell is the difference? Why does the general public seem to have bleeding-heart compassion for LEGAL losers in need of assistance, but somehow they have no compassion for ILLEGAL losers who need help? People are people, aren't they? If you think we should be pay for freeloading losers, then you should want to pay for ALL of them; and conversely, if you think we shouldn't be forced to pay for ILLEGAL freeloading losers, then you should not want to force people to pay for ANY freeloading loser.

It's not like there's an American flag, beating with patriotism, deep within my heart, every time I am privileged enough to pick up a pregnant 18 y/o, G-6, P-4, A-1, black female from the projects, because she's an AMERICAN CITIZEN; while I'm indignant about picking up her illegal hispanic equivalent. I'm just as irritated about facilitating the abuse of gubment services by LEGAL freeloaders as I am with ILLEGAL freeloaders. I don't want to force people to pay for either freeloading loser!

I have trouble understanding the argument, "we need to run these damn illegals out of our country, cause I don't want to have to pay for their school and medical care." you think I want to pay for the school and medical care of YOUR 12-15 toothless, white-trash, LEGAL children? Why don't we deport YOUR freeloading white kids along with all the freeloading hispanic kids that YOU want to deport?

Or...why not, instead of being upset at illegal aliens and wanting to deport them...why don't we just stop forcing taxpayers to pay for them? Would anyone even HAVE a problem with illegal aliens if they didn't have to fund their freeloading escapades? While we're at it, let's stop forcing people to pay for LEGAL freeloaders as well.

Would we consider ANY freeloader to be a problem, regardless of citizenship status, if we weren't forced to fund and facilitate freeloaders' addiction to gubment assistance? That's the most frustrating part of my job...facilitating freeloaders' addiction to gubment services, and witnessing it get worse and worse.

Merry Christmas!


Apple said...

My Comment isn't so much about "free loading illegal aliens" as it is about the absolutely idiotic notion that a women with a prior c-section can't have a vaginal birth. Of course she can...and many many do without problem.

I love stupid nurses who regurgitate what the risk managment lawyer has told them....they sound so unintelligent.

Hope Mom avoided the Knife.


In my country medical care and education is free, unless you chose to go private. Does that mean we are all losers for accepting a free system.
Judges, lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, anyone can have free medical care.
Actually its not about who has the most money, its about people with GENUINE medical problems being entitled to health care irrespective of colour, race, religion. Without some kind of medical care for all, their would be alot more people out of work, and doing what exactly? They would be bludging. At least some people can keep their jobs. I have met many people that you want to just "slap upside the head" But I personally don't take on other peoples garbage. Maybe you shouldn't either :)

LCourage said...

I'd also like to add that often people think that it's the traumatic scenes that make it difficult to work in fire/EMS. "I couldn't do your job with all the stuff you guys see." I usually just laugh. You'll hear a short cackle. Man, if you only knew.
The reasoning behind the laugh is actually the opposite of what you're thinking. It's the constant free loading BS that we make over and over again. Slowly tearing at your ability to love others.
We are constantly getting kicked in the nuts by people unwilling to be accountable for themselves. Most of us do our job out of love for fellow man. To give back to our community. Being a firefighter or EMT involves a good amount of pride. A pride that resonates in our hearts and souls. It yields a reward that should breach the gap in what our paycheck should be.
Yet it blows my effing mind that Medicare/gubment/our tax dollars will pay for BS runs to an ER. Socialist healthcare is insane. It's scary to think of the amount of money wasted on non life threatening medical treatments and transports. Money that should be given back to the populace so they can afford privatized insurance. Insurance or put into savings for emergencies.
"Accountable? WTF are you talking about? I'll take that money and buy a kick ass new flat screen TV! It's the governments job to take care of me."
Oh yeah, in my experience approximately ninety percent of free loading, non emergency, 911 callers have some tricked out electronics in their house. Put that shit in your pipe and smoke it. The hundreds of dollars, that is, you pay to medicare each year. Take a gander at your W-2 next month. It'll blow your mind.

Medic Sierra said...

Neo-Conduit - I don't know what Country you're in, but in Canada, 'free' medical and education ( up to the end of high school, after that you're paying quite a lot for college or university) isn't free at all. We pay for it in our taxes. Taxes we all have to pay.
Actually, the only ones who don't pay for education and medical in their taxes are those on welfare.

Quite often we go and pick up the 3rd generation welfare individual who decides they want to go to the hospital by ambulance, instead of in a taxi. They would have to PAY for a taxi whereas their ambulance ride is free ( IF on welfare, the rest of the Country.. or at least this province has to pay a 45 dollar fee) I find the greatest abuse of the system is by these individuals..and a large portion of them are illegal aliens as well. BUT they aren't the only ones. Far be it for me to forget to mention the ubar rich, nose in the air, bitch who feels her hang nail is more of an emergency than anything else going on in the city.

My point is, no matter what system you have, socialized or not. You will always have abuse of the system. There will ALWAYS be people out there who will expect everything while contributing nothing.

I admit I like the socialized system in general. It makes equal care available to everyone, no matter how much money you have in your pocket. I don't agree with the idea that you can go to a better hospital, with better doctors and better diagnostic equipment if you make more money than someone else. Not everyone out there is a freeloader (thankfully!! we have enough as it is!) I would wager that if the Country was polled, and asked if they wanted the health care system to remain socialized, which included the continuation of the tax, or to change it to a non socialized format and remove the tax .... socialized would win. I firmly believe that.

Crusty, I know you're against a socialized system, and I understand your reasons. If I didn't grow up in a socialized system, paying the taxes from the first day I started working.. I may be against it as well. While we have to deal with a lot of freeloaders, legal AND illegal... I like the idea that the little old lady down the street who has worked her entire life, but is now on a fixed income and can hardly afford rent, let alone medical insurance... can still get the same treatment, in the same hospital I can.

Anonymous said...

People are irresponsible, free-loading scumbags. America was built upon the sweat and toil of our grandfathers and we are pissing away that legacy of hard work and personal accountability.

I work in education, and please believe that we see our own special brand of irresponsible free-loading parent. Many are masterful at sucking every last available resource and/or benefit.

That is America today. A culture of entitlement, a society that manufactures nothing. We are witnessing the fall of our economy before our very eyes.

Jay said...

The illegal aliens aren’t necessarily the freeloaders that they are all made out to be. They must pay gas taxes, property taxes, sales tax, and sin taxes just like the natives do. Also, in order to get jobs, many use fake Social Security numbers. That dooms them to the same taxes that are withheld from anyone else’s paycheck.

Separately, everyone is not entitled to equal health care. If I have an old Geo Metro and I want a newer, better car, I have to pay for it. I could argue that I would be far more likely to survive (or even avoid) a crash in the new car, but I would still have to pay for it. I pay into my company’s health insurance and I am taxed to pay for the “free” healthcare. I expect to receive better treatment than a freeloader in the event that I need it.

fuzzys dad said...

You made to point so well. I could not add anything else.

So I will Just say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Medic Sierra said...

Jay - You make a good point. I too pay into my employers health care plan and pay the taxes to keep the 'free' health care 'free' for everyone.

I feel as you do that someone who is a free loading bum should not be given what the rest of us have to work hard to pay for. Admittedly I was thinking more along the lines of those who have worked and paid and are now on fixed incomes who wouldn't be able to afford proper health care if they had to pay for it.

I honestly don't know the way it works in the US when someone can't pay ... my guess is they aren't turned away.. or are they? I've heard of horror stories where some EMS systems won't transport a patient, unless they have a certain type of insurance card ( approved list of insurance providers ) and have literally left trauma patients on scene until another EMS service comes to get them.

Will general or county hospitals treat everyone whereas private hospitals will only treat those with insurance?

I don't know.. call me a bleeding heart, but when it comes to health care I"d rather see everyone treated the same way. Not a two tiered health care system.

I think comparing the type of car you purchase ( I got your point though) to health care, is comparing apples and oranges

Just my two cents, for what it's worth ( yeah, that's 2 cents Canadian.. so not that much

Medic Sierra said...

My last post seemed to have a contradiction in it .... on one hand I"m agreeing that a free loader shouldn't get the same care as someone who pays for it, but then I say I'm not sure I"m for a two tiered system and everyone should get the same care no matter what.

One half of me.. the bitter half, says " hell no, why should the free loading illegal alien get the same care as I do when I pay out the nose for it!" .. yet the other half of me feels we shouldn't deprive anyone of good health care for fear it will bite us in the ass in the future.

I"d hate to see how many more folks would have gotten infected with SARS, had some of those who were infected not been seen, and treated in our hospitals.

Just clearing up the contradiction.

Anonymous said...

I am in Australia (Brisbane) - and we have a huge problem with illegals abusing the system.

People using other people's Medicare cards for tax payer covered treatment.

Or the foreign women who come here to have their babies,using someone else's card.

I once had a elderly Chinese woman present for blood tests (problem was, request for was for someone else) and the numerous relatives tried to tell me it was for her.
and Dr told me they had scammed him as well, and they were also very unhappy when the laboratory sent them the bill for the tests, as she was not covered.
rather cross with the nurse that picked up on their scam - but that's just too bad - teach them not to scam the system.

Anonymous said...

Crusty, you hit the nail on the head. I really do NOT care what adults choose to do or not do in their long as I DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!!!!! So many of these "adults" are forever 15..they want to be "free" to do as they please, but want Mommy and Daddy [ie--your tax dollars] to pay for every idiotic "choice" they make! BRAVO!!!!!!! Pattie, RN

Anonymous said...

All tem illegal aliens should be shot in the head as the cross the border. It would give da military great moving target practice. Those that don't die can be used in factories to make more bullets.
Why this hasn't been implemented yet I don't know?

Louve said...

Medic Sierra said, "One half of me.. the bitter half, says " hell no, why should the free loading illegal alien get the same care as I do when I pay out the nose for it!" .. yet the other half of me feels we shouldn't deprive anyone of good health care for fear it will bite us in the ass in the future."

That is a very good point, really. I know the people who contribute to a society can feel they are the sole means of support to that society, but leaving it as a cut-throat, fend-for-yourself' society, like some of the 3rd world countries out there, will make you just that, in the end....
a third world country.

LCourage said...

Although I consider myself an American, I remember where I came from. My ancestors were immigrants less than a hundred years ago. So I find the disgust for immigrants humorous and hypocritical. There is strength in diversity. Take the good from all cultures. Just my two pennies (pesos, pence, shilling).

TexasRanger said...

I'm sorry but I just got to say something now. Oh your such a diversified bleeding heart liberal lcourage. lcourage? yah right. It takes a lot of courage to say you like everyone being here even if their ilegal.

I'm all for imigrants and all that stuff but I draw a line at ilegal imigrants. I'm fine with folks coming here but they don't need to be here if their not legal. Let the ilegals rot and die for all I care. If your an american citizen then you have the right to have medical care but if your one the ilegal ones then I hope hospitals and the government doesn't help you and you die.

I like the idea of shootin folks as they come accross the border ilegal. that will solve the problem real quick.

Crusty is right. We shouldn't take care of damn freeloading ilegal aliens. There's a reason their called aliens you know. They don't belong here. I'll tell you right now if there's an alien on my property I'm shootin. lcourage is probably an ilegal alien to. If your not with us your against us. I'll shoot you with the rest of the ilegals

Jay said...


I worked with illegals and citizens, and I generally prefer the illegals. They worked harder than Americans, didn’t bitch as much, and always seemed to work well with each other. On the downside, their food smelled like I would imagine rotten ass hole to smell like, but it didn’t affect their performance.

You seemed to miss the point of this rant. A freeloader is a freeloader, regardless of legal status. Why is it that you hate the illegal freeloaders, but have no problem with the legal freeloaders? You may have even voted for some of the biggest freeloaders around (Congressmen, Governors, Judges, etc.).

Finally, they’re called aliens because politicians yell out “look at those illegal aliens!” to distract us from the fact that they (the politicians) are robbing us. Those aliens have as much of a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as anyone else does.

Medic Sierra said...

I have nothing against LEGAL immigrants. My husband is an immigrant. He is from the US and we paid a shit load of money, and spent a shit load of time filling out form after form, getting criminal record checks from everywhere he's been in the past 5 years ( which has been a lot since he was a US Marine ).

There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. If someone shows up in my Country and decides to stay here without going through the proper channels and paying the required fees then I'm sorry... FUCK EM!

But here is the problem. As a paramedic, it is my job to treat every patient with the appropriate care -- legal or not. The HUGELY frustrating part is when I show up at a patients house and they are showing classic signs of an MI, but can't answer the required questions regarding their PMHx because they don't speak english. Even worse is when their medication bottles are written in a foreign language! So, the best I can do is give the patient some oxygen and stare at them because I am unable to give the meds necessary. I need certain things answered in order to fit my standing orders. So, I sit there looking at a patient I COULD help but can't.

Part of me says 'Serves you right, you're in an english speaking country, you should know enough english to at least answer some simple questions' but in the end, *I* feel like shit because I see him, dying in front of me, listening to the family, seeing their tears. That is NOT what got into this line of work for

Flanders said...


Wind em up and watch em go. I'm sure you knew where this topic would end up.

I read about an ambulance driver that gets the typical 911 caller all wound up, sticks em in the back of the unit with some poor EMT while he blasts he Public Enemy
all the way to the hospital. Skillfully finding every pot-hole along the way. Not sure what made me remember that, but I'll fwd. the article if I find it.

Nationality maters. Illegals had to abuse one system just to get to the opportunity to abuse another one. But this is the land of opportunity.

Apple... I love stupid nurses too. They make good money and are prone to low standards and bad decisions from time to time. Thats really attractive.

NEO-CONDUIT... You sound sweet, but you lost me. See Medic Siera for the definition of free. Nothing good is free. The 60's children thought love was free....see the 70's.

Louve & Jay....One of my professions is construction related. If you want to see third world, visit a new construction site. Construction has always been dirty, but the people doing the jobs that no one else will supposedly do are hazardous. There is Urine in every dark corner of a place where restrooms are provided. The ones that actually visit the restrooms draw, defecate and throw used toilet paper on the floor.

Its easy, get legal or get out.

Jay said...

Nationality doesn’t matter. A freeloading U.S. born welfare queen is as much a freeloader as a freeloading Mexican. If anything, the illegal freeloaders had to put more effort and risk into getting into the U.S. The U.S. born freeloaders are often simply born into freeloading.

My opinions on Mexican workers came from my experience in electronics manufacturing. In a manufacturing environment, the Mexicans were generally good workers once the language barrier was breached. The Americans usually got very lazy because they felt that they should be paid more despite the fact that they were unskilled workers. I realize that construction may be a different story, just as electronics testing is a different story.

Regardless of your feelings on taxes, freeloading off of taxpayers should be despised no matter whom it is that is freeloading. If I had someone freeloading off of me, I could eventually cut him off. It is much harder to cut off a freeloader when he’s freeloading off of Uncle Sam.

Flanders said...

I'm not just comparing the quality of the free-loader, but the quantity of the free-loading. Many illegals are hard working. Why not be a hard working citizen....because we dont require it. "Uncle Sam" is a wizard behind the curtain. The freeloaders (both kinds) are freeloading off of us.

Trauma Diva said...

Gosh I love your posts! Right on brother! We saw so much of that crap at xyz trauma center. Especially the nursing home dump on Friday nights.

On another note, to respond to a commentor here, due to medical risks many facilities require a repeat c-section. Sure you can go otherwise but it is risky as hell.

Belphegor said...

I excrete seminal fluid in my breeches everytime I read Crusty...cause when you complain about hobos, it's like you're copulating me.


Hi Flanders and Medic Sierra.
Maybe I gave the wrong impression.
Firstly I live in New-Zealand. No not everything is free I'm not totally naive.I have a large student loan to prove that. Also we pay for our G.Ps and Medicines. Unlike in the U.K. I have lived in the U.K for many years within the hospital setting with my Ex hubby who is a Doctor. I was quite disgusted with the attitude over there with a real self entitlement expectation, hands are out for everything. I had to wait while haemorrhaging after losing a baby. Why because the ambos had to see to a patient with Tinea Pedis.
I heard their stories and totally empathise.
What actually saddens me is that due to our breakdown in society with family and extended family there are a whole lot of people who unfortunately rely on and abuse the system.
Once, we looked after each other, now we live in a selfish me me me society.
Like I said in my comment, free medical care is great for those who truly need it.
It keeps people in jobs and off welfare if they are well. Yet it does not mean our system is perfect. If things go wrong with a medical procedure here we don't Sue.
Our taxes pay for A.C.C they may, if they chose pay out for damages. Half the time they don't pay and it takes years to get it.
The Health and Disability Commission investigate Doctors, give them a slap on the hand, and send them on a course. No one is held accountable for death or damage to a patient.
So it isnt all roses.
Yet without this free system I would be dead, and my kids wouldn't have a mum.
Without this free system I wouldn't have been able to support my kids this year while having multiple surgeries for a Surgeons screw ups. I also don't have a mother around to help out, and my father recently died. So I am grateful for any assistance the government may give at a time like this.
Rant over.

Medic Sierra said...

I have no problems at all with the government helping out ppl when they NEED it. That's what the services are there for. They are there for the LEGAL residents of a country to rely on when times are bad.

When you are in the country, illegally and you are sucking these systems dry, purely because you can, vs using them when they are absolutely needed -- then I have a huge problem with it.

WE, the tax payers are the ones paying for these 'free' services for those who aren't contributing a red cent. That pisses me off.

If you need them, use them.. that's what they are there for. If you come to a country and expect to be handed everything, and live off the government and the tax payers then get the fuck out.

Happy New year.

Louve said...

Flanders, you're right. In fact, I agree with you on the issue of illegals. If they come here to live, to work, and to be a permanent part of our society then I think they should take the test, pay the fees, and become legal. I'm not so sure doing that will automatically improve their hygiene practices or the practices of all the people you mentioned at construction sites.

My issue isn't so much with the fact that illegals are among us. But once here, what do we do with them? I was talking to someone about this and other things, and their answer was this...

Legalize prostition...everywhere. This way you can tax their asses (no pun lol), and make the profession a less disease spreading one.

Legalize marijuana. And don't just legalize and tax it. Mass produce it. Make factories that can manufacture it, creating new jobs in the process and taking (some) of the money from the drug dealers.

Offer illegals the right to become citizens if they pay back taxes on all the income they made while they were working in the US, regardless of what SS# they were using and paying taxes under, IF they were doing that. (While they would be taxed twice...once while working as an illegal, and once to catch up as a citizen, they would be foregoing the fees paid to lawyers that would help them through the process of legalization).

Our society has sooo many, many problems. Illegals are just one of them. But are we willing to trash the integrity of our entire nation, just to let illegals rot on their own? Or any person who needed help that couldn't afford it. We all talk about how hard our fathers worked to get this country to the place we achieved. We sure didn't do that by letting dog eat dog.

Anonymous said...

Happy? Isthis you?

LCourage said...

This is me

Anonymous said...

Crusty cousin, it looks like you stirred up quite a controversy. Way to go man. I think a couple of em have learned to hate.

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work.

Denise said...

Only 29 snotty remarks? You're slipping Crusty! ;)

Crusty said...

29? make 30. My response makes 31. 29 responses is embarrassing...but 31 makes me an Allstar!

I appreciate the encouragement from Anonymous to help people learn to hate other people, but it's definitely not the intent here. It's really the opposite.

Neo-Conduit says, "But I personally don't take on other peoples garbage. Maybe you shouldn't either."

I would love to not take on other people's garbage, but when you're forced to pay for other people abusing (or using, for that matter) gubment funded services, then I can't ignore it. The point of this post was to say exactly that...'don't make me pay for other people's problems, and I won't have any reason to be upset with these losers...we could all love eachother a little more less less likely to hate illegal aliens...etc. if we weren't forced to pay for other people's problems.'

To me, there's no difference between illegal aliens taking hand-outs and full-blown, 5th generation, all-american citizens taking hand-outs (e.g., school...the great, middle-class welfare program).

I don't hate illegal aliens anymore than I hate your standard middle-america family that uses public schools. They're in the exact same classification in my mind, and I don't want to subsidize either of them.

Neo-Conduit, That's nice that you're still alive, and you're now able to raise your kids, but I still wouldn't be happy about being FORCED to pay for the extension of life you've been given (I don't live I didn't pay for it...but others did). Nobody deserves to force other people to pay for their problems...even when it is a nice mother with kids.

Tyrannically forcing people to pay for other people's problems IS what I would call "hate," and it causes people to hate other people. I advocate the opposite...I advocate love. Love other people enough to not tyrannically force them to give you their money at the point of a gun, and if you feel like helping someone, do it...voluntarily...and allow others to voluntarily help, if they feel like helping. Love people enough to allow them to be free. People who aren't forced to give their property to someone else are more likely to love other people.


Wow how expressive crusty.
I am sure your talking about taxes here, not you actually paying for the whole country I presume.
Martyrdom doesn't suit most people. I pay taxes too you know. I haven't spent my lifetime on my butt picking my nose with my hand out!
My circumstances were thrust upon me, not a matter off an unhealthy lifestyle.
A nurse has to wipe a shitty arse to be paid, a Policeman gets abused to be paid, garbage men who pay taxes clean up your garbage, the roads you drive on are made by under paid construction crew. Everybody who works is serving someone else. That's life.
If I was still married and working a full time job paying tons of taxes guess what, my medical care still would have been free.
If you are more than happy to pay for private schooling for your kids, and private hospital care, and lay the roads you drive on and deliver your own garbage to the dump, and police your own neighbourhood then don't pay taxes. Because taxes also pay for all the other shitty jobs that run the country.
I have a hell of lot more than you to be angry about, and I don't believe I have reached your level of sadness, apathy, and bitterness.
Big hugs Crusty you need some.
Kindest Regards

Jay said...

I don’t mind paying for schools, roads, garbage pickup, and police. However, most of the government services seem to perform very poorly for the money they are being paid. In 2006, I got fed up with the poor service at Wal-mart and stopped shopping there. I’m not on some righteous crusade to destroy Wal-mart, I simply prefer to shop elsewhere. If I tried to give my money to a private school instead of the local school district, then I would be out on the streets for not paying property taxes. The problem is that we are too apathetic and not bitter enough. Here in Alabama, we simply say: “Thank God for Mississippi! If it wasn’t for them, we’d be last at everything.”

LCourage said...

How many snotty remarks does this post need before you get off your ass and finish another one?

Anonymous said...

I'm Mexican- American, my family has lived in the US when it was still part of Mexico (TX), BUT, as an ER nurse working full-time here, I have to shell out a whopping $600 per month from my measly paycheck for HMO health insurance for me, my spouse and my 2 kids! Now, I hate all the freeloaders as much as anyone else, but there was a time I actually took state ins. ONLY for my kids when I was out of work. But I only took it for 3 months and got off asap. Yes, I too, was treated like SHIT from the Medicaid office, even though I look whiter than the Mexicans working there and possess 2 college degrees. It blew and I hated it.

I can tell you, though, that in comparing Mexican (or Illegals for that matter) workers to white low income workers in this state, the Mexican workers will work a whole hell of a lot harder. They'll just show up to the free clinics to drop off their pregnant illegal girlfriends in their brand new Ford F-150's or as they say, "Mi' Ford Uno-Cinquenta".

They'll gladly do the jobs the lazy spoiled Americans refuse to do. So if we want them to go away, maybe we should get out there and work more, instead of claiming, "Oh, I'm 25 and on Disability for the rest of my life" when you come into my ER, WALKING, I might add. (eyes rolling, eyes rolling)

Oh yeah, I'm too lazy Mexican American to sign up for an account, hence the "Anonymous". Hey, it was quicker.

Possibly the Saddest Call I've Ever Made (5/17/2007, 19:09)

Possibly the Saddest Call I've Ever Made (5/17/2007, 19:09)
Tire Change, Jack Failed, Family Man Died

Chevy HHR Flipped...They Do That Sometimes (5/17/2007, 2:40 a.m.)

Chevy HHR Flipped...They Do That Sometimes (5/17/2007, 2:40 a.m.)
Minor cuts and abrasions

White Trans Am Vs. Metro Bus (5/9/2007, 17:05)

White Trans Am Vs. Metro Bus (5/9/2007, 17:05)
Metro--1; Trans Am--0

Suicide Cocktail (4/17/2007, 19:25)

Suicide Cocktail (4/17/2007, 19:25)
Another botched attempt.

Jeep Take-Home Test-Drive (4/15/2007, 14:04)

Jeep Take-Home Test-Drive (4/15/2007, 14:04)
It Failed!