Monday, December 22, 2008

Damn Those Freeloading Illegal Aliens Calling 911...And All Freeloaders, For That Matter

Being the holiday season, I want to discuss Freeloading Illegal Aliens...

The most frustrating part of my job is not necessarily that I missed the end of "My Name Is Earl," because I had to respond to a B.S. call, by a drive-by, cell-phone-hero; nor is it that I had to get out of bed at 4:30 AM to drive a 70 y/o WF, from an assisted-living home, to the hospital for the Flu, because she didn't want to bother her son (which happened last night). I'm not frustrated because I have to work a little while I'm at work.

The most frustrating part of my job is having to facilitate the blatant abuse of the gubment-funded 911 emergency services, and seeing, on a run by run basis, what a complete waste of (involuntarily paid) taxpayer money the ambulance is.

Ambulance abusing freeloaders come in all shapes and sizes, but a universally-despised, favorite flavor of ambulance abuser is the illegal alien.

It's very common to hear other EMS workers, hospital staff, firefighters, police officers, and bystanders say things like, "Damn illegal aliens...They shouldn't even be here," or "Why should we help them...they don't have insurance...they're not even citizens," or "Why should the rest of us have to pay for these damn illegal aliens?"

For example...

We got a call at around 10 PM to a nearby hospital for an ObGyn problem (I can't describe how much I love malfunctioning vagina problems). Our computer specified the room of the hospital in which we could find our esteemed client. It was the Labor and Delivery department! We wondered, 'what are a couple of ill-equipped, under-trained, ignorant EMT's going to do for a malfunctioning vagina, that an L&D department can't do?' I mean, whenever we encounter a malfunctioning vagina, that's where we take the L&D department of a hospital!

We arrived to find a 22 y/o hispanic female, laying on a bed, in the L&D department, wearing a hospital gown, and fully adorned in electronic medical monitoring equipment. She was 9 months pregnant, and she was well into labor. Her husband told us he wanted us to take her to a different hospital. They were unhappy with the free hospital care they were receiving at this hospital.

The patient had a C-section for her first child, and the hospital wanted to do a C-section again (it's the hospital's policy). The woman did not want another C-section, but the woman didn't bother researching the hospital's policy before they showed up at the hospital to receive their free medical care.

One of the nurses pulled me aside and explained the situation to me. She said, "These people are a pain in my ass. They want to have a vaginal birth, but she's had a C-section before, so we have to do a C-section for this birth." (here comes the most interesting part of what the nurse told me) "The thing is...these people don't even have any insurance, and they're not even U.S. citizens! They're illegal aliens, and they shouldn't even be here in the U.S.! Just please, get them out of here and take them to the free county hospital or something!"
As it turns out, we did not take her to a different hospital. Our policy states that we can't remove patients from a facility, which is capable of handling their emergency. She was already in a facility which was capable of handling her emergency.

But, my point is...(and this is going to surprise some of you Socialists)...

What does citizenship status have to do with freeloading...who cares if a person is an illegal alien? How is one freeloader any better than another freeloader? Why is the general public willing to pay for non-taxpaying freeloaders born here in the United States, but somehow they have a problem with non-taxpaying freeloaders born in other countries? Why isn't the general public equally resistant to pay for ALL freeloaders? What the hell is the difference? Why does the general public seem to have bleeding-heart compassion for LEGAL losers in need of assistance, but somehow they have no compassion for ILLEGAL losers who need help? People are people, aren't they? If you think we should be pay for freeloading losers, then you should want to pay for ALL of them; and conversely, if you think we shouldn't be forced to pay for ILLEGAL freeloading losers, then you should not want to force people to pay for ANY freeloading loser.

It's not like there's an American flag, beating with patriotism, deep within my heart, every time I am privileged enough to pick up a pregnant 18 y/o, G-6, P-4, A-1, black female from the projects, because she's an AMERICAN CITIZEN; while I'm indignant about picking up her illegal hispanic equivalent. I'm just as irritated about facilitating the abuse of gubment services by LEGAL freeloaders as I am with ILLEGAL freeloaders. I don't want to force people to pay for either freeloading loser!

I have trouble understanding the argument, "we need to run these damn illegals out of our country, cause I don't want to have to pay for their school and medical care." you think I want to pay for the school and medical care of YOUR 12-15 toothless, white-trash, LEGAL children? Why don't we deport YOUR freeloading white kids along with all the freeloading hispanic kids that YOU want to deport?

Or...why not, instead of being upset at illegal aliens and wanting to deport them...why don't we just stop forcing taxpayers to pay for them? Would anyone even HAVE a problem with illegal aliens if they didn't have to fund their freeloading escapades? While we're at it, let's stop forcing people to pay for LEGAL freeloaders as well.

Would we consider ANY freeloader to be a problem, regardless of citizenship status, if we weren't forced to fund and facilitate freeloaders' addiction to gubment assistance? That's the most frustrating part of my job...facilitating freeloaders' addiction to gubment services, and witnessing it get worse and worse.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why EMT's Treat People Like Brain-damaged Three-year-olds...

Here's an e-mail I recently received from a blog reader...

"I've read through your blog and enjoy it. Unfortunately I can't even laugh anymore at the stupidity of most people, I just shake my head and weep for humanity. Is it just my imagination, or is it whenever paramedics respond to a nonobvious broken bone (i.e a vertebra) they treat the pt like a brain-damaged three-year-old? Just would like your insight into this behaviour, as I've come across it before and never understood it."

A few days ago, we were called to a 2-car MVA by a (brain damaged) police officer, who wanted us to come and "check a patient out." We arrived on scene approximately 30-40 minutes after the accident had occurred, and everyone was out of their cars, walking around. The alleged patient was a 25 HF, who was the restrained driver of a moderately damaged 4-Runner, which T-boned a sedan. Our patient was not at fault in the accident, according to witnesses, so the other guy's insurance had to pay for medical expenses.

The patient complained that she had pain and tingling on the left side of her face from hitting her face on the side window (of the door). The patient told us she didn't want to go to the hospital, and she didn't even know why we were there; she said she didn't request us. We asked her if we could take her vitals, and while we took her vitals, which were normal, we offered to transport her to the hospital by ambulance. She refused transport and signed a refusal statement.

We stayed on scene for a while, because we were teaching a rookie how to call a supervisor for a refusal. Approximately 20-30 minutes later (now 1 hour after the accident occurred), after the patient talked to her ignorant friend (who had a working car, on scene), the patient came up to us and asked if it was too late to go with us to the hospital. Apparently her friend told her the other guy had to pay for the ambulance, she would be more likely to GET PAID if she went by ambulance, and she would get seen more quickly by the hospital if she went by ambulance (I actually overheard some of the conversation). So I said nothing but "sure," while giving her and her friend a look like they were both brain-damaged 3-year-olds. We took her to the hospital, and the boyfriend followed us in his car. When we got to the hospital, she actually asked, "when can I take this thing off?" ...referring to the C-collar.

So, why do EMT's treat people with non-obvious broken bones like they are brain-damaged 3-year-olds? Because they act like brain-damaged 3-year-olds.

What's an ambulance going to do for a patient who's already been walking around an accident scene (in this case, she was walking around for about an hour)? At that point, what's the difference between going to hospital in the ambulance and going by private vehicle? The only thing we CAN do is immobilize the patient's spine. Immobilizing the spine doesn't do a whole lot of good when the patient is already walking around, or when a patient wants to remove the C-collar. Sometimes people even call us three days after an accident (which happens often).

It's fairly common for patients to complain about the backboard and C-collar or refuse the backboard and/or C-collar, like brain-damaged 3-year-olds, but they still want to go to the hospital by ambulance. What's people's infatuation with the damn ambulance? What do they think it's going to do for them?

Sometimes, after a car accident, people say they feel OK, but then they later decide they want to go by ambulance when they feel like their muscles are starting to stiffen up a little bit. What's an ambulance going to do for stiff muscles?

Most of the time, people just want to go by ambulance because they figure they'll have a better lawsuit if they go by ambulance, or they figure they're not paying for it, so why not? People who are not at-fault in an accident go to the hospital far more often than people who cause accidents. I wonder why.

When I, and most other EMT's, suspect a patient truly does have a broken vertebrae, we take it very seriously, and we do whatever we can to make sure the person doesn't end up paralyzed. Usually, when a person is still sitting in the car, or laying outside of the car, making some attempt to remain immobile, we are far more likely to NOT treat that person like a brain-damaged 3-year-old.

Know-it-all EMT's, spare all of us your stupid stories about, 'one time...this dude was walking around the scene of a minor accident, and I heroically talked him into going by ambulance, and..., and..., I saved his life, caused he had a C3 fracture, which goes to show,...' It goes to show you're a self-promoting blow-hard. Yeah...I get that it happens sometimes...and I get that adrenaline masks pain sometimes, which is not very likely. We just treat people like brain-damaged 3-year-olds when they act like brain-damaged 3-year-olds.

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